Why Porridge?

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By Dianne Sivulka, Outside the Bowl Operations Director

I recently returned from a trip to Africa with my family where we had the privilege to visit Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchen in Paarl, South Africa. I knew they had been distributing Vita Kidz Porridge for the past two years to nearby preschools. And I knew they had recently installed the equipment to produce their own porridge. But there was so much I didn’t understand including why porridge is so important.

Porridge is a staple in Africa. Throughout Africa, a maize-based mixture is cooked on open fires and consumed. The trouble with this porridge, however, is that is contains no nutritional value. For many children, a daily portion of porridge they get at school might be their only meal for the day. Porridge is cheap and available. It’s a stomach filler for hungry people.

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Outside the Bowl Super Kitchens have always cooked and delivered hot meals to ministry partners. Getting nutritious meals to those who need them most is at the heart of every Outside the Bowl kitchen. Nutrition is vital for children’s growth and development. We know that those who are nourished physically are ripe for spiritual nourishment as well.

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Several years ago, a South African preschool who was receiving hot lunches inquired about the possibility of an additional meal that could be given to the children for breakfast. In many cases, these children were arriving at school without having had anything to eat since the previous day’s lunch. As you can imagine, children with empty bellies have a hard time learning and focusing. While that may be the short-term disadvantage, the long term is stunted physical growth and cognitive impairment. But instead of providing a typical porridge, the team went to work on developing Vita Kidz Porridge, a porridge enriched with protein, omega-3, calcium, and vitamins.

Originally the Vita Kidz Porridge recipe was outsourced to a nearby facility to produce. Then, in July 2019, the South Africa Super Kitchen was able to install their own porridge production equipment. As a result, they are now producing large quantities of vitamin-enriched porridge for just pennies. The cost per serving is $0.17. In addition to the nutritional benefits, Vita Kidz Porridge has other benefits as well. Because it is made of extruded maize, it is instant and requires no cooking. This means that firewood is not needed, saving feeding organizations additional time and money.


After spending time in South Africa, we traveled to rural Uganda to visit the Kibaale Community Centre. We saw first-hand how 1,500 school children will benefit from Vita Kidz Porridge. Located in a rural area, these children have little access to nutritious food. Their school meals consist of maize for breakfast and matooke (a starch, similar to banana) for lunch. Friends of the organization sponsored a container of Vita Kidz Porridge to be shipped to their remote location. The director of Kibaale Community Centre shared with us what a blessing this will be to them and their students. The container has 600,000 portions of porridge that will feed their students breakfast for an entire year! Students will benefit from the vitamins and minerals. The school will benefit from not needing to purchase maize or firewood for an entire year. They can apply the savings to enhance the quality of their lunch. And in addition to all that, they are excited about the flavor! Prior to the shipping, the staff at Kibaale were invited to taste-test the four options and enthusiastically chose vanilla and strawberry.

Traveling from South Africa to Uganda and seeing the Vita Kidz Porridge story unfold from production to need, has been an incredible experience for my family. I wish everyone who knows and loves the work of Outside the Bowl could have been with us. Hot meals will continue to be a staple in kitchens for nearby feeding partners, but porridge will open doors to serving far beyond the reach of hot meals. I now understand the WHY of porridge and can’t wait to see how this new tool to feed the hungry will expand the borders for Outside the Bowl.

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Meeting Needs in Nayarit

Meeting Needs in Nayarit

Luis learned about OTB's Super Kitchen at a presentation where our solution to food insecurity was shared. He quickly realized that the kitchen could really meet the needs of some of his hungriest students. Out of the 300 students, 150 of them come from families that are able to provide. 100 students have enough to eat on a daily basis. Luis' concern was for the 50 students who daily went without food. Compelled, Luis knew he had to do something.

Food Is Love

Food Is Love

Outside the Bowl knows the value of a home cooked meal. The price tag is so much greater than the nickels and dimes it costs to cook and distribute the food. As we head into Mother’s Day weekend, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate mom then by allowing children to experience love through food.

La Casa del Alfarero: Beyond the Bowl

La Casa del Alfarero: Beyond the Bowl

Outside the Bowl continues to be inspired at the way ministry partners use food as a tool to reach vulnerable people within their communities. Just across the border from Yuma, Arizona is the city of San Luis Rio Colorado. This border town has a large transient population but to La Casa del Alfarero each individual has a story. They are reaching out to those in need and in doing so are sharing the heart of Jesus. Read on to hear how meals from Outside the Bowl are helping La Casa del Alfarero share the gospel.  

Holy Week and the Least of These

Holy Week and the Least of These

The least of these. The orphaned, the widowed, the strangers. Or the young, the old, the vulnerable. For each of us, the title of the least of these probably brings to mind different groups of people. Those being impacted by drought in Somalia, the Haitian farmer who lost his crops to the wind and rain of Hurricane Matthew, the refugee fleeing all that was familiar in hopes of safety and a better tomorrow.  

I had never seen it before.

Ejercito de Salvación: Nourishing the Body and Soul

After moving to Tijuana, Camila and her mother found support and motivation at Ejercito de Salvación to continue on. Camila, a five year old, once suffered from severe malnutrition but is now completely restored thanks to Outside the Bowl’s nutritious meals. And her mother’s broken spirit is now lifted because of the love and support found at Ejercito de Salvación. Their situation has changed so much, that she is even pursuing a college education to be able to provide a better tomorrow for her daughter Camila. 

International Staff: Meet Brian

Outside the Bowl kitchens employ people who are passionate about taking an active role in caring for communities and sharing God's love. This blog series introduce you to those individuals bringing you their stories. We truly are a global team and look forward to helping you get to know these amazing team members who make our work possible.
Introducing: Brian, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Fundación Fuerzas Especiales de Jesucristo

Fundación Fuerzas Especiales de Jesucristo (FEJ) is a very powerful all-male ministry group focused on reaching out with the message of Christ to the most vulnerable population; homeless, migrants, and people living in marginalized areas. They are a community group constituted from different churches, and their story moves from a God-given vision to action; from streets, to prison cells to the darkest places of the city.  



The past Wednesday our seventh kitchen in Jalisco, Mexico had it's Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony! Our OTB Mexico staff was joined by our San Diego staff and board members, Mexico ministry partners, church leaders, and community leaders.  It was a wonderful celebration filled with hope and anticipation for the work God will do in the coming months and years in and through our kitchens.

International Staff: Meet Ron

Outside the Bowl's kitchens employ in-country nationals who are passionate about taking an active role in caring for their communities and sharing God's love.  This blog series will introduce them to you and bring you their stories.  We are truly a global team and we look forward to helping you get to know these amazing team members who make our work possible.
Introducing: Ron from Port au Prince, Haiti