Ministry at Immaculate Conception

Jesus instructs us to take care of the forgotten and the weak.  Imaculada Concepción is a feeding program that does just that by feeding the elderly people in a forgotten community on the outskirts of Tijuana. They make sure that the elderly are not only fed, but also try to encourage improvement in their all around health. They love this community of people and make an effort to serve them and develop relationships with them by talking about the ‘good days’, passed experiences and life’s important lessons. However one woman, Miguelina, has none of these stories to share.

67 year old Miguelina was abandoned as a child, never married and has no children of her own. She has spent her life sacrificing to make small wages. No one would employ her because she has no birth certificate.  She wasn't registered as a child and has never gathered enough evidence to prove a legitimate identity. 

The loving volunteers at Imaculada Concepción ministry reached out to her and brought her to the feeding program. She has a home, a small adobe hut a mile and half away. She walks this distance everyday to go to Immaculate Conception and eat. “I do not mind the walk”, she says, “on the contrary, after eating the food they give me here I feel healthier and stronger. Before, I used to walk for miles collecting cans and plastic that I could sell or exchange for food. I am grateful and blessed that I get to come to Imaculada Concepción. It is worth the walk.” 

She speaks out to bless Outside the Bowl for having a heart to feed those who go hungry. The staff at Imaculada Concepción is grateful to Outside the Bowl because the partnership has eased the burden of feeding and caring for the elderly.  Now they can focus on the people they feed, rather than the preparation of the food.

Miguelina says, “I will always bless this ministry, those who cook, those who deliver the food, and the ones who serve it to me. I will always bless them, for they have cared for me at my old age. I will be forever grateful.”

Written by Vianney A. E.