"Outside the Bowl" in Haiti

Anyone who has been to Haiti will tell you how difficult it can be to "get things done" there.  Barely-drivable roads, coupled with unreliable equipment and people can make it seem nearly impossible to be effective.  And yet, our Haiti Country Directors and kitchen staff manage to cook and deliver over 2,000 hot meal per day (most days!). 

One of our largest feeding programs is the only government-run maternity hospital in all of Haiti.  Inside the dilapidated building you'll find around 300 women sharing 150 hospital beds. Yes, 2 to a bed.   75% of the women there deliver via c-section because they simply don't have the physical strength to endure a natural delivery (due to malnutrition).  This hospital is so unlike U.S. hospitals in many ways.  For example, the hospital does not provide the mothers with daily meals during their stay.  That's where we come in. 

Outside the Bowl delivers daily, hot meals to the women during their stay because without OTB, most of them would not eat during their entire hospitalization.  The women are so grateful and it's a blessing to come alongside them, encourage them and pray over them for the long road ahead.