OTB Meals for El Nino

In April, Outside the Bowl received a request to provide meals for the elderly community served by El Nino Community Center in Tijuana.  So often, the elderly are marginalized and many face the challenges of aging alone.  Unable to work, they find themselves living on the fringe - alone, helpless and hungry.  

El Nino Community Center works to ensure the elderly population receives the attention and love they deserve.  Part of this work is providing a daily meal.   Moreover, the leader of El Nino does her best to ensure their physical and spiritual needs are met.  

Yesterday, OTB staff and volunteers had the opportunity to visit the people of El Nino Community Center.  Upon entering the building, we were greeted by a round of applause!  The people there recognized our Outside the Bowl t-shirts and had a great desire to express their thanks.  What a humbling and rewarding experience!  Person after person hugged us with a simple "muchas gracias" and a smile.  It was amazing to see how the simple act of providing a daily meal gives them peace of mind and joy!  These were some of the most thankful people I've ever met, thankful not only to OTB, but to God for His provision. 

After embracing and saying our goodbyes, we left happy, and thankful,  knowing these sweet souls will be fed...body and soul!