Feeding Adoration School

A note from our Haiti Country Director:

I spent a little time in the Special Needs classroom at Adoration School today.  A particular young girl named Hirlinda caught my attention.  Her smile as she was being served her lunch time meal at school was priceless.  We are glad to partner with Adoration School as they are educating 380 of the most marginalized children in the city.  These kids would otherwise not be in school and most have their only meal of the day at school prepared by OTB.  

In a country where most children with special needs are discarded and abandoned - this school is saying - you are of great worth!  AND they are!  

Hirlinda didn't communicate with me verbally today, but I know the feeling she wanted to express - JOY!  

Just want to say thank you to our supporters for all the contributions that have been made - prayerfully and financially to help us meet the needs of the hungry in Haiti.  

May God bless you to be a blessing!