Restoration at Casa de Mi Padre - Tijuana

Two years ago, Pastor Abner stepped out in faith.  He left his job at a manufacturing facility, moved his wife and children to Tijuana, and became the Pastor of Casa de Mi Padre (My Father’s House).  In this community, Matamoros, there were many broken families and many struggles.  Pastor Abner’s desire was to help restore families and ultimately raise up the community, through Christ. 

Pastor Abner’s daily desire is to love those around him the way Jesus loves us.  His servant’s heart is evident simply by watching him speak about the people living in his Tijuana community of Matamoros.  Just three weeks ago, Pastor Abner began feeding the needy in Matamoros with food provided by Outside the Bowl.  Monday – Friday, he opens the doors between 11:30-1:00 and anyone in need can stop by for a warm meal. 

During our visit, it was wonderful to watch Pastor Abner welcome people into his church to eat.  Some he knew, others were strangers, yet it was as if he was welcoming them into his home. Case de Mi Padre is a beacon of hope for children, elderly and anyone struggling and in need of a warm, healthy meal.  Pastor Abner says he feeds about 75 people a day, but he feels like many people in Matamoros have yet to find out about the meal program.  “There’s a lot of need here,” he says.  “Soon we will have more people coming to eat, it’s just a matter of time.” 
I asked Pastor Abner how food has helped bring people into his church.  His reply “I actually believe it’s the reverse.  As the church, our goal shouldn’t be to bring people into this building, but rather, we need to go to them where they are, just as Jesus did.  He didn’t wait for people to come to him, he went to them.”  “When we live our lives in service, and constantly seek ways to serve those in need, they will see that we are different.  They will see Jesus.  That is my desire, that people see me and my church and they see Jesus.” “So how does food play a part in that?” I asked.  “Offering food to these people who are in such need is just another way we can love them and show them the character of Jesus,” he says with a smile. 

Pastor Abner’s heart moves us and his heart for families in Matamoros inspires us.  In an area of Tijuana that is in need of Christ’s restoration, Casa de Mi Padre is quickly becoming a light that brings hope for a better future in our Great God!  We are so honored that we get to be a part of it!

You can help other pastors, like Abner, reach out to their communities by supporting the building of our seventh kitchen in Jalisco, Mexico.  All contributions, large and small, make a difference.