Fundación Fuerzas Especiales de Jesucristo

Gabriel Perez, President

Gabriel Perez, President

Fundación Fuerzas Especiales de Jesucristo (FEJ) is a very powerful all-male ministry group focused on reaching out with the message of Christ to the most vulnerable population; homeless, migrants, and people living in marginalized areas. They are a community group constituted from different churches, and their story moves from a God-given vision to action; from streets, to prison cells to the darkest places of the city.  

Gabriel Perez is the president of the foundation, a former engineer who put aside his career to fulfill the vision God gave them for a male focused ministry. “It was very clear to me as I read His word. Our city needed men who would step up and pray. Men who were devoted and had a desire to help other men overcome. We started looking for these men and seven years ago, we set out to pursue man to man evangelism.

As our group grew, so did our ministry. God has even favored us before government authorities, the police department and the federal prisons. It truly is a powerful ministry, we have seen and lived it. We all serve Christ. None above the other, just servants for Christ.”  As a foundation, one of FEJ’s primary goals is to feed the hungry.  Gabriel says that although their purpose is to share that gospel, ‘breaking bread together’ is better. “It’s what we do here. Talk about everything over a meal. When we come to share a meal and serve those who many times have not eaten in days, we bond. Our desire is always to be able to feed those in need.”

And with that set in their hearts, they've partnered with Outside the Bowl to be able to continue feeding - now on a massive scale. “OTB has allowed us to be able to expand our reach and be able to feed more people with our resources. People spread the word quickly everywhere we go because they know that we serve them well and they eat good food, healthy and tasty, so much that even we want to dig in sometimes, but we know our brothers come first. Outside the Bowl is a true blessing; they compliment us.” Their evangelistic gatherings have reached the thousands and currently they average between 100-200 people served in their daily outreach. 

FEJ ministry has done an outstanding job at embracing the OUTSIDE part of the OTB Vision. “We have seen great impact and change in the people we have ministered to. Those we visit regularly in the parks and prisons welcome us with joy because they know we bring more than good food.  We are people they can speak to, people who will listen and care for them from the heart. Just last week as I entered a plaza in the city, I walked by a police officer who greeted me joyfully and started talking to me. He was so charismatic and engaging. I was trying to place his face and then he said, "you don’t remember me, but I remember you. I was at the park, eating from the garbage and sleeping on the street. You reached out to me with a message and it changed me forever. I got clean, recovered and even got married. Now I am working as a police officer." You can imagine my joy upon hearing this! Stories like these are what reminds us that what we do makes sense.”

Fuerzas Unidas de Jesucristo is exceptional evidence that God’s heart is not only interested in feeding the body, but also the soul. Gabriel believes that "sharing a meal connects us because we identify one another through a basic human need and it opens the door to share from the heart as well.”

We believe this too.  We thank FEJ ministry for trusting OTB to partner with and contribute to their beautiful and powerful mission.

Written by Vianney A.E.