Praying for Our Biggest Challenge:
Prayers are being answered!

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer this month as we asked the Lord to provide solutions to our biggest challenge. Our prayers are being heard and answered in incredible ways! Below are a few highlights:

Country director David Destinoble is working with the social service department of Haitian government. They are purchasing 500 (large) meals a day with the hopes of eventually increasing that amount to 4,500. What an answer to prayer! The social service department focuses on the most vulnerable and will work to get our hot, nutritious meals into the hands that need them most.

South Africa
June was a devastating month for the Western Cape of South Africa. Wild fires raged across their beautiful landscape consuming structures and at least four lives in their wake (see June 8 post on Facebook). As the region came together to fight the flames, Outside the Bowl’s George Super Kitchen went into action providing meals. We praise the Lord that OTB was able to serve the community in this capacity and look forward to fruit that may come from this increased awareness of the kitchen.

Outside the Bowl’s Mexico kitchens continue to seek out different opportunities to meet food needs in the communities where we operate. The Tijuana Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base is sourcing processed vegetables from Outside the Bowl. New opportunities to deliver meals further south into Ensenada are being explored.   

Leon, Mexico
Jae and Debra traveled to Leon to discuss providing meals for this economically developing area in Mexico. The vision for a one-for-one program is forming where factories would buy a meal and give a meal. Our contact there has a huge heart for evangelism and would use the meals as a tool for ministry.

Jeremy, Adam, and Felipe traveled to Guatemala to conduct a feasibility study. After Haiti, Guatemala is considered the hungriest country in the western hemisphere. The need is great. We’re doing our homework to make sure the demand for a Super Kitchen is present while praying for a Cornerstone Partner.   

Praises for Our Donors  
As Outside the Bowl navigates operational challenges this summer, we asked supporters to be the answer to our biggest challenge. You have stepped up in incredible ways. To date, $8,165 has generously been given toward the $10,000 match. Please consider giving before August 15 so we can take full advantage of this gracious opportunity.  

Partnering in Prayer
Although our #30daysofprayer are wrapping up, please continue keeping Outside the Bowl in your prayers. Prayer cards are available in the Edge at North Coast Church. Our daily prayer is that each recipient of an Outside the Bowl meal would know the love of Christ.

Scroll through Instagram to see images and hear additional details regarding these prayer requests.