Ten Steps to Fight Hunger

Hunger is a complex and many-faceted tragedy that holds much of the world’s family in bondage. Because of the scope of hunger, many of us feel there is nothing that one person can do. We think the tragedy is too massive for one person’s action to be effective. Such is not the case. Each of us can make an impact on behalf of our hungry brothers and sisters. Here are ten steps to help you fight the unnecessary evil of hunger.

1. PRAY: Pray for those who do not have sufficient food. Pray also for wisdom in discovering what you can do to help those who are hungry.

2. BECOME MORE INFORMED: Learn more about hunger. Read and study books, magazine articles, and newspaper stories dealing with hunger and related issues. Learn about hunger in your own community.

3. DISCUSS THE TRAGEDY OF HUNGER WITH YOUR FAMILY: It is important to help our families realize the scope of hunger. Take time to discuss the issues raised by living in a hungry world with those nearest you.

4. RAISE AWARENESS OF OTHERS: When you share what you learn about hunger with others, you will find out that you are not alone in your concern for the hungry. Many of your friends and neighbors are also looking for ways to help.

5. FORM A LOCAL HUNGER ACTION GROUP: Help interested people in your church and/or community to organize on behalf of the hungry. Working together provides inspiration and support to tackle hunger head-on.

6. CONTRIBUTE TO A HUNGER MINISTRY: Most hunger ministries provide high service return. Many spend every dollar donated on hunger relief.

7. WORK TOWARD A MORE RESPONSIBLE LIFE STYLE: Most of us can consume less of the world’s resources than we now use. We certainly can be less wasteful and more mindful of the needs of our hungry world.

8. BECOME AN ADVOCATE FOR THE HUNGRY: Speak on behalf of the hungry. They have little or no voice, but you can support public policies that help the hungry around the world as well as around the corner.

9. VOLUNTEER: Most hunger relief organizations need the help of volunteers. Become involved in ministering directly to the needs of others by helping at a soup kitchen, food pantry, etc. You can even help salvage food from farmers fields or grocery stores and deliver it to those in need.

10. START NOW: There is no better time to begin than right now. If you wait for a better time to come along, it probably won’t. Begin your fight against hunger right now. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Do something now!

What steps have you taken to fight hunger both locally and globally? Share one of your favorite hunger-fighting organizations or resources in the comments below. 

Taken from Outside the Bowl's Starving 2 Serve curriculum. Learn more here.