La Casa del Alfarero: Beyond the Bowl

Outside the Bowl continues to be inspired at the way ministry partners use food as a tool to reach vulnerable people within their communities. Just across the border from Yuma, Arizona is the city of San Luis Rio Colorado. This border town has a large transient population but to La Casa del Alfarero each individual has a story. They are reaching out to those in need and in doing so are sharing the heart of Jesus. Read on to hear how meals from Outside the Bowl are helping La Casa del Alfarero share the gospel.  

By Fuera del Tazón

La Casa del Alfarero is a ministry having tremendous impact on the city of San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora, Mexico. With more than 30 years of actively serving the community with care, they have gained a place of recognition and prestige with community members and local authorities.

Their focus is sharing about Jesus, but their work goes beyond words. For 20 years they have weekly visited Benito Juarez Park, looking for people to share the message of God through words and acts of love.

Luis Osornio.jpg

Luis, the person in charge of this dedicated group, shares that helping others is essential for those seeking to reflect the love of God. "The park is a place where all kinds of people, including people in need, gather. People come from the city, they might be passing by, and some are even immigrants. It is a place for people who need to be heard and cared for but often they do not know what to do or where to get help. But they come to the park. It is a free space for us to be able to attend to those in need and to share about Jesus Christ through the love we show them."

Providing food during their visits to the park is something La Casa del Alfarero began doing at the end of last year. La Casa del Alfarero is an active church and keeping up on the logistics for weekly food preparation was a challenge.

"Giving food is new for us, but from the first day we realized that it has a great impact. It creates a sense of fellowship and brotherhood when we eat together. It is allowing people to be more receptive to us and we feel more like family sitting down for a meal. It has charmed and motivated us," shares Luis.

Luis expresses his gratitude to Outside the Bowl. "Outside the Bowl is a relief to our efforts. It is a huge blessing that the finished product is delivered. We are grateful for the quality of food, presentation, and the ability to serve these meals. It is a way for us to continue to do the good that is in our hearts for the people in the park."

This outreach ministry of La Casa del Alfarero has had a great impact on the city of San Luis, so much so that they have caught the attention of the local government. "Very early on the authorities realized what we do and they were grateful to us. As a church, we respect our authorities. A relationship has been established and they call us when they need support at special events. They understand that by caring for people, we are also helping to solve a social problem."

La Casa del Alfarero and its dedicated group of volunteers are leaving a mark on the people of San Luis. Those of us at Outside the Bowl thank La Casa del Alfarero for allowing us to be part of something that is foundational to our heart - to go beyond food and to care for the person outside the bowl.