South Africa

Thieves and Bar Tricks in South Africa

The crane-truck that donated the delivery of our container literally did not come to a stand still before 2 boys stole some steel hooks from its tool boxes.

Upon overhearing some ladies talking about it, I walked up to the group of boys that always hang out in the street and asked who would like to make a quick 20 bucks. Needless to say, I had everyone's attention and when I did I said "20 bucks to guy that bring me the items Pitte and his buddy stole" and then I walked away. I think I must have caught them off guard knowing that it happened and also knowing the name of the culprit.

OTB - How it all began

In 2005, we decided it was time to stop going to church.  We'd been going to North Coast Church for over 20 years, and it was time to go do church.  We ended up in a small Xhosa community in South Africa.  God stretched our faith as He asked us to simply "go serve."  Needless to say we were clearly outsiders, but kids starting coming to our discipleship groups.  It wasn’t long before some of Debra’s girls approached her one day saying “Mama Deb, can you help us?  We’re hungry – we haven’t eaten in 2 days.”