International Staff: Meet Vilma

Outside the Bowl's kitchens employ in-country nationals who are passionate about taking an active role in caring for their communities and sharing God's love.  This blog series will introduce them to you and bring you their stories.  We are truly a global team and we look forward to helping you get to know these amazing team members who make our work possible.
Introducing: Vilma from Tijuana, MX.

Cambiando Vidas (Changing Lives)

Emmanuel is a child from Tijuana and part of the feeding program “Cambiando Vidas (Changing Lives). This feeding ministry is centered in one of the most marginalized zones of Tijuana; a place recognized for its extreme poverty and home to hundreds of families who fight each day to stay alive. Among issues like family abandonment, lack of employment and violence, “Cambiando Vidas” ministry truly has come to bring change to the lives of the families in this community.

OTB & Mexico's Salvation Army

Ejercito de Salvación is a daytime childcare center for underprivileged children of single working mothers who make an effort to provide a solid future for their families. The children stay here 8-10 hours while their parents are at work.  They are taught primarily about God’s love as a Father. They also do academic work, learn family and social values, and participate in recreational activities, amongst other things - all free of charge.