August 5, 2019 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
The Edge at North Coast Church

2405 North Santa Fe Avenue, Vista, CA 92084

Hunger is a daily reality for millions around the world. One in nine people do not have enough to eat. Yet our “struggle” is typically what’s for dinner or where to meet friends for a meal. THE GLOBAL FOOD EXPERIENCE is designed to open our eyes to how the majority of the world eats. Come for dinner. Walk away with a new perspective.


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Please email Becky if you are interested in attending

This family-focused event is being held in The Edge at North Coast Church in Vista on Monday, August 5. Suitable for upper elementary through high school children.* 

The Evening includeS

  • A unique "dinner" experience

  • Questions & conversations

  • Next-step ideas for your family

  • Engaging activities

  • Tasting an OTB meal

  • Kid-friendly crafts




THE GLOBAL FOOD EXPERIENCE is designed to get families talking about hunger around the world. Luck of the draw will determine what socio-economic level you will represent for the evening including what you will eat for dinner. Additional food will be available following the program portion of the evening. 


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