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Haiti kitchen produces over 1200 meals in its largest day yet!

    So it isn’t all good news – One of our steam jacketed kettles is out of order in Haiti and it may take us weeks to get the parts and people there we need to fix it. However, it isn’t all bad news either. It turns out that despite being down to just one big pot the OTB team in Haiti has really stepped up to the challenge and managed to continue to provide meals to all of the patients and staff at the maternity hospital. But wait there’s more! Not only did they continue to cook hot meals for the patients and staff at the hospital but they also managed to signup a few new ministry partners at the same time. In fact this great team had their largest single meal production day to date of over 1,200 hot meals – and they did it with just one pot! It is also hard to believe that they are just getting warmed up (sorry for the pun).

    If you look at the amazing job this team is doing and then look at how the Tijuana kitchen and the Mexicali kitchen are working then maybe you can see a trend here. God has provided OTB with some truly remarkable people who are doing some truly remarkable things.

    The best part is that they couldn’t do this without your continued prayers and support. Each and everyone of us at Outside the Bowl thank you for being such an important part to what we do.

    Haiti Hospital Serving Hot Meals Daily

      Our newest Super Kitchen in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is awesome. We just had a team return and they were all very impressed with  how well the kitchen is doing. Not only are they preparing hot meals for the patients and staff in the maternity hospital but they have already started to partner with other ministries in Port-au-Prince to provide food. 

      One of the most impressive aspects of this kitchen is the staff that our Country Directors, Noel and Lori Tugwell, have managed to hire. They are simply amazing. While the staff there could just produce basic meals, they

      have demonstrated a true commitment to quality and creativity in the meals they are preparing. They have managed to create a variety of menus that include locally produced spices and vegetables.  It is one of the goals of the kitchen to produce all the meals from ingredients that are locally grown. This is a very hard task  in Haiti since most of the food there is imported, but we believe it is doable with the help of some ministry partners that are working with Haitian farmers.

      One of the things our team continues to be most impressed with in Haiti is the massive need for nutritional meals, especially for the children. Based on the need alone we won’t be surprised to see God moving to have OTB do even more kitchens there.

      A new partner in Haiti

        Almost every day in Haiti the Super Kitchen brings a new opportunity to serve – truly feeding the body and the soul. We recently added one such new partner. It is an orphanage of  about 60 children of various ages. The orphanage is located in one of the worst parts of Port-au-Prince right next to the city dump. Since our country directors Noel and Lori Tugwell first were introduced to the orphanage they have been providing hot meals 5 days a week. Already in one month of regular feeding the kids look healthier, stronger, and seem to have more energy. The Tugwells report that the kids are wonderful, but have lots of needs.  Fortunately, the Lord is providing through a stateside church in Kentucky in partnership with OTB to feed the kids. Please join us in praying for more of these partnerships so OTB can do even more to provide both physical and spiritual nourishment to children like these.