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Golf Tournament to benefit the kids of Baja scheduled for this Friday!

Kingdom Coalition for Kids is hosting its first annual Golf tournament on Friday, April 24th at 1:00 pm at Tijeras Creek Golf Course. 

The Coalition is working together to serve the orphans in Baja, Mexico. Participating ministries are: Corazon De Vida, Royal Family Kids Camps- International, Outside the Bowl and Kids around the World.  Through our collaborative and complementary efforts we are bringing vital resources to needy children living in significant poverty just south of us.  

There are several ways you can support these efforts.  You can participate as a golfer, be an event sponsor or purchase a ball for the helicopter ball drop contest. 

Your involvement will directly assist these kids, providing hot nutritious meals, basic living necessities , mentorship camp programs, joy and healing through the introduction of playgrounds.  And most importantly, provide everlasting hope by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the good news that they are extremely loved and valued by God. 

The Kingdom Coalition knows that God’s greatest Kingdom changers are his children. By investing and pouring in to the “least of these”…  giving them love, hope, faith and confidence… the returns will be unimaginable. 

We also believe that collaboration is what God is calling us to.  Real, practical, roll-up-your-sleeves collaboration.  There is power when we bring our various gifts, talents and treasures together for His purpose. 

Be a part of this exciting movement and join the Coalition as we partner to heal hurting communities and build God’s Kingdom from the child up.   

Tijuana Super Kitchen continues to be …SUPER!

    Recently a local school, Cecyte Villas del Sol, joined our Tijuana super kitchen program. The school officials reported to the Tijuana kitchen staff that last semester their dropout rate was very high due to the strong economic challenges these students face every day. One of the biggest challenges is that many of these children weren’t receiving the meals they needed at home. Outside the Bowl knows that a full stomach can go a long way toward a better education so our Tijuana kitchen partnered with this school to provide hot and highly nutritious meals to the students. It was easy to see from the reaction from the students that this new program would go a long way in helping to meet the need in the school, in the community, and in the families of these students.

    Our Super Kitchen in Tijuana continues to meet the needs of the poor and the hungry in this city. In a word they are truly SUPER!

    A letter to the Mexicali Kitchen

      Here is a recent letter that was received at the Mexicali kitchen from one of our ministry partners there.

      From: Migrant Shelter/Rehab  Amistad Familiar Madero.  Pastor. Alonso Parra.My dear brothers in Christ, receive my most cordial greeting and also our greatest appreciation for the entire organization – Outside the Bowl. Please know that since the time we started to receive the blessing of the meals, which you so hygienically prepare, our beneficiaries enjoy excellent health both physically and spiritually.  Our ministry serves mostly men that live on the streets near the border of Mexicali.  Most of them are immigrants that have been deported and are left to their own.  Every Monday we gather them in a park -where many of them sleep- and have a small church service.  We worship God, teach the Bible and pray for them.  We feed anywhere from 200 to 400.  We have a good group of around 80 that are always there, praying and singing with us.  Some might just come for the food, but all of them hear the gospel. Something extraordinary we’ve started to see is how this diet has helped them – as the food without fat or grease, is much more nutritious than what they could find or eat by themselves. Also I wish to inform you that thanks to your support, we are serving around 2000 people monthly which includes minors and women. Truthfully the word gratitude to God and to you is really short of what how we feel. We thank you and I remain at your service.

      Mexicali kitchen breaks the 1,000 meal mark

        One thousand may not seem like a big deal when we talk about OTB Super Kitchens that can do over 4,000 hot meals a day but this is really HUGE! Why is it such a big deal you may ask. Well for the staff of the OTB kitchen in Mexicali, Mexico it means they are well on their way to becoming a totally self sustainable kitchen. It is even more remarkable when you consider that they have only been doing this for a couple of months. Needless to say it is truly a cause for celebration.
        To say that this kitchen is doing well in a very short period of time is an understatement to say the least. This dedicated team has jumped right into learning everything there is to learn about preparing thousands of hot meals a day in an environment that most of them have never experienced before. It is really fun to see the expression on their faces when they first walk into this super kitchen. It sure isn’t your grandmas kitchen – not even close. How many of you have seen a steam jacketed kettle that can boil 60 gallons of water in less than 15 minutes and prepare almost 1,000 hot meals an hour? That in itself can be a shock for someone that is used to cooking on an old gas stove. But it doesn’t take them long to get right to work and this team is really cooking. We can’t wait to see what they can do in another month.

        Please join us in congratulating this great team and keep praying for their continued success. They (and all of OTB) couldn’t have done it without your prayers and support. THANKS!