The red sun rising on the Malawi flag represents the hope of freedom for countries throughout Africa—an appropriate sentiment from this country known as “The Warm Heart of Africa.” Malawi is a small landlocked country in southeastern Africa with an agriculture-based economy. Up to 80 percent of the population are subsistence level farmers with the country’s main exports being commodities such as tobacco, sugar, and tea.

Malawi has some huge hurdles to overcome. Poverty plagues 51 percent of the population directly impacting families who experience hunger and malnutrition, and are more susceptible to disease. Malawi stands as having the ninth highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world with one out of 11 people affected by this disease. The implications of this endemic has led to Malawi being called “The Orphan Nation.” Nearly half the country’s population is under the age of 16.

Outside the Bowl cannot wait to open the doors of our Lilongwe Super Kitchen where thousands of hot, nutritious meals will be prepared daily. These meals will offer local ministries and feeding partners an affordable solution to getting food to those who need them most.  


The Lilongwe Super Kitchen will be cooking its first meals in early 2018. Rather than utilizing our container kitchen model, an existing building is being remodeled into an OTB Super Kitchen. From the looks of the architectural renderings, Malawi is going to have the fanciest Super Kitchen to date! 

Malawi (side).jpg

Janet Kathewera, OTB's Malawi country director, getting started on demolition.

Janet Kathewera