We'll be the first to admit that it is hard to comprehend what 20 million meals being prepared, cooked, and delivered from OTB Super Kitchens tangibly looks like. We do however know the impact of these meals because of stories from ministry partners, parents, and the kids themselves. 

The Gastelums in Mexicali have seen a change in their young daughter. At just three years old, Jalda says that her favorite meal from OTB is Pozole de Pollo. Since consistently eating OTB meals, Jalda's parents share that they have seen a difference  as she grows and becomes stronger. They also share that it is rare for her to have stomach issues because of the healthy food that is prepared in OTB's Super Kitchen.

During these young years where good nutrition is vital, Outside the Bowls meals are helping children like Jalda develop to their full God-given potential. Now multiply that by 20 million and the physical impact is overwhelming! Thank you for being an essential part of getting to food to those who need it most. 


picture of boys in Haiti

Has soup become a staple in your rotation of winter meals with all this wet weather Southern California has been receiving? If you are ready to add a new recipe to your rotation, try cooking OTB's Tijuana Super Kitchen's recipe for Pozole Roja. 

Pozole means hominy. Hominy is corn kerns that have been cooked with lye which make them puff up. Hominy is combined with meat and seasonings in a broth to make a stew. Pozole is traditionally garnished with shredded lettuce, onions, radishes, cilantro, avocado, and lime. It is almost like building a salad on top of your soup!

OTB's Pozole Roja recipe can be found in our Super Kitchen Supper list of recipes. While you're there, browse through the resources available and consider throwing a Super Kitchen Supper for your next social gathering!


We're one week out from the OTB Charity Golf tournament! If you're interested in participating, we may still be able to make accommodations. Send an email to Complete event details are on the website.

The junior high students at North Coast Church are about to go without food for 30 hours so that others can eat! Students will be soliciting donations following weekend services March 23-24 and Starving 2 Serve March 28-29.

Thank you for partnering with Outside the Bowl to feed the  hungry ... body and soul! 

With JOY, 
The OTB International Family 

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