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Last month, two of Outside the Bowl's US team traveled to South Africa to spend time with our on-the-ground partners known as 2nd Harvest. In 2017, Outside the Bowl met Mark Maingard and Marais Greyling (pictured with Dianne and Becky) and it was obvious that the two organizations should join forces. Mark has a calling from God to serve 50,000 meals a day to those who are hungry. Marais says his calling is to make disciples, Monday through Sunday working side-by-side in the kitchen. These two men are leading some groundbreaking efforts to fight hunger and are changing lives as they step into their callings.

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Being in-country opened our eyes to the struggles still being experienced in post-apartheid South Africa. Outside the Bowl is working to bridge the divide through getting nutritious food to those who need it most as well as provide jobs and training for those living in townships. We cannot wait to share more about this amazing team at the Outside the Bowl Gala. In the meantime, read our Operations Director Dianne Sivulka's reflection on a product the South Africa team sees as a game changer, Vita Kidz Porridge.


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I recently returned from a trip to Africa with my family where we had the privilege to visit Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchen in Paarl, South Africa. I knew they had been distributing Vita Kidz Porridge for the past two years to nearby preschools. And I knew they had recently installed the equipment to produce their own porridge. But there was so much I didn't understand including why porridge is so important.

Porridge is a staple in Africa. Throughout Africa, a maize-based mixture is cooked on open fires and consumed. The trouble with this porridge, however, is that is contains no nutritional value. For many children, a daily portion of porridge they get at school might be their only meal for the day. Porridge is cheap and available. It's a stomach filler for hungry people.

Outside the Bowl Super Kitchens have always cooked and delivered hot meals to ministry partners. Getting nutritious meals to those who need them most is at the heart of every Outside the Bowl kitchen. Nutrition is vital for children's growth and development. We know that those who are nourished physically are ripe for spiritual nourishment as well.

Several years ago, a South African preschool who was receiving hot lunches inquired about the possibility of an additional meal that could be given to the children for breakfast. In many cases, these children were arriving at school without having had anything to eat since the previous day's lunch. As you can imagine, children with empty bellies have a hard time learning and focusing. While that may be the short-term disadvantage, the long term is stunted physical growth and cognitive impairment. But instead of providing a typical porridge, the team went to work on developing Vita Kidz Porridge, a porridge enriched with protein, omega-3, calcium, and vitamins.

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Join us on October 11 as we celebrate all that God has done this year and raise funds for future opportunities! Bid on silent auction items from your mobile device via the GiveSmart platform! And enjoy a glass of wine while listening to the Latin Jazz tunes of XarĂ¡s Trio on the Ocean Blue Lawn.

The Live Auction will be returning with packages including travel to Kauai and California Wine County, an exclusive wine-pairing dinner at Forgotten Barrel, fishing with Chris Brown, and his and her Del Sol electric bikes!

The program is packed with opportunities to learn more about and partner with OTB. Space is limited. Get your tickets by Monday, October 7!

Outside the Bowl GALA

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 5:30
The Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa

$125 PER PERSON I $1,100 PER TABLE OF 10
Deadline to purchase tickets: October 7

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