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When you see a need in your community, what is your response? In Tijuana alone, Outside the Bowl partners with more than 40 locations to feed those who are hungry in their neighborhood. Behind these partnerships are individuals who saw a need and figured out a way to do something about it. Over the past month, we've visited 11 locations to meet the men and women who are tangibly loving their neighbors one bowl of food at a time. What a joy to meet these every-day heroes, to thank them, and encourage them in their work.

Tijuana is a melting pot of people from all over Mexico. The hope of employment at factories draws people to the city. Row after row of three-story apartment buildings cover the rolling hills on the outskirts of town. Down one of these streets lives Refugio. Refugio's house is just that, a refuge from the hardships of life. Her driveway is covered by tarps and scattered with tables and chairs. Every day around noon, parents bring their children to receive a nutritious meal. Laughter and chatter spills out of the house and onto the driveways as mothers catch up and kids play. In the corner, an elderly gentleman catches a siesta, a sign of a full stomach and heart at ease.

Employment for single moms or those getting on in age is hard to come by but Refugio figured out a way to help. She gathers her neighbors to engage in income generating activities like making elaborately beaded sandals and bracelets. These are sold at the twice-a-week market that is set up on the streets of their community.  

Refugio not only takes care of the physical hunger in her community but she is addressing the spiritual hunger as well. On Friday evenings, Refugio once again opens her house to the women in her neighborhood. Handwritten in a notebook are Bible verses and questions. She creates a Bible study for the women to work through. Refugio says, "Sharing the love of God is what's important."

Refugio is just one of Outside the Bowl's 300+ ministry partners around the world. Thousands of lives are being touched every day through food cooked in Super Kitchens. What a beautiful testimony of the impact that food is having on local communities around the world! 


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Do you remember what you were doing in 2008? A decade ago, Jae and Debra Evans were in South Africa piecing together the very first Super Kitchen. Debra said, "I just wanted to bring God's Word. I didn't want to bring food." But God opened their eyes and hearts to think through a way to meet the physical needs of the children they were discipling. In the first year of operation, the Paarl Super Kitchen produced 1.5 million meals! Since those foundational days of Outside the Bowl, eight Super Kitchens have been constructed around the world and 18.9 million meals have been served.

On October 12, we will be celebrating Outside the Bowl's decade of impact while raising funds for what is next! Join us.

The Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa
October 12, 2018

Prices increase on September 12.


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In a world where there is enough, no one should go hungry. Yet hunger persists throughout developed and developing countries. Malnutrition and hunger related diseases daily take their toll on thousands of people every single day. Together, we can take a stand against hunger and make a difference. 





During Hunger Action Month, consider engaging in one of the following ways: 

  • Share a meal with someone less fortunate.
  • Host a Super Kitchen Supper and share OTB with family and friends! 
  • Swing by Chick-fil-A Quarry Creek and buy a cookie! For each one sold, OTB will get $1. Last year you raised $2,000 through cookie sales. Let's do even more this year!
  • Support Outside the Bowl's work by becoming a KITCHEN BUILDER.
  • Volunteer at a local food bank.
  • Set your Amazon account to shop via AmazonSmile where a percentage of your purchase is donated to Outside the Bowl.

Thank you for taking action against hunger every single day through your prayers, engagement, and financial support. Food is transforming communities one bowl at a time.  

With JOY,

The OTB International Family

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