OTB recently conducted interviews with some of our partners in Haiti. We are encouraged by their responses and wanted to share them with you!

"We have 420 students and 60 staff. What most interested us in using OTB's service was the convenience and logistics. There is a lot that goes into being able to feed that many people, and run a kitchen. We just don't have the time or space at our school, and don't have good facilities to run a kitchen well. This helps us focus more on our actual ministry, and not have to worry about all of the logistics that come with providing meals."

"Providing our students with a meal is extremely important. Most of them are coming to school already hungry, and the meal we provide will be the first, and sometimes the only meal they will receive for the day. Children can't learn with empty bellies. We used to serve breakfast as well, but just don't have enough funding to provide two meals."

- Randy Lodder, Adoration Christian School


"Using OTB is very easy for us. We used to give our employees a stipend to purchase lunch, but because other needs always arise, they never actually purchased a meal and ended up going the day without a meal instead. If we don't provide meals, many would wait until they got home to eat which is obviously not good for their health and well-being. It would also affect their work and we want to ensure that we are creating the best products that we can for our customers."

"We can assure our employees eat so they work well. OTB gives us a really affordable price that helps us with our budget. If OTB didn't exist, we wouldn't be able to afford to provide a hot meal for our employees."

-Fabienne, Haiti Design Co


picture of boys in Haiti

"The biggest need that I see in our community is the need to take care of the children. Adults can live without food. With children, that's different."                                                                    -Martha

Taking care of the children in Progreso, a community built by the government for single moms, is a joy for Martha. Most of the mothers work in distant factories which leaves children home by themselves, responsible for getting to and from school, eating meals, and other daily tasks. Rather than seeing this as an issue, Martha sees it as an opportunity. She volunteers at the local community center and has become like a community mom for Progreso.

Monday through Friday Martha serves OTB meals at the community center. The space becomes a safe place for these children to hang out and belong. While meeting physical needs, Martha and the other volunteers are investing the well being of these children and oversee a number of programs including workshops, classes, sports leagues, and camps. And the other mothers can rest assure, having Martha's cell phone to text in times of need or communicate on their community Facebook Group.

We continue to be inspired by OTB ministry partners who see a need and figure out a way to help! Join us in praying for Martha and the children of Progreso who are under her care.


May News (3).png

Outside the Bowl's operations in Paarl, South Africa is moving facilities after a change in their leasing agreement. This has become a major blessing as the new space is in a better location, can serve for long-term purposes, and has room for expansion. One project funded by OTB supporters in 2018 was an industrial sized bakery which will be installed prior to the move. We can't wait to share pictures of this space and how it allows Outside the Bowl to have an even greater impact in South Africa. 

Thank you for partnering with Outside the Bowl to feed the hungry ... body and soul! 

With JOY, 
The OTB International Family 

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