Outside the Bowl's vision is a world where all children are physically and spiritually nourished. Did you know that OTB's impact goes beyond getting food to hungry children? We're actually making an impact on three distinct segments of society: children, ministry partners, and local communities. 

Read on to learn how Outside the Bowl is having a multifaceted impact where we serve. 

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On weekdays a handful of children gather at Comedor Ejido Sinaloa in Mexicali. They are drawn to the program because of the delicious meals. They often stay because of the loving environment. Ana Paulina used to eat two meals a day which often consisted of a bag of chips and soda. Grab-and-go meals like cheese empanadas or ham tortas would round out her diet. Nutrition is important to Outside the Bowl. The meals prepared in the Super Kitchens are packed full of important vitamins and minerals, often made with 50 percent vegetables, 25 percent starch, and 25 percent protein. Even at a young age Ana Paulina can tell the difference. She shares, "I now eat healthier. I feel smarter at school and stronger. I have more energy to exercise and I don't get as tired. The sweets served at school no longer interest me." Others at her program share that they no longer get stomach aches.    


Love in action is what partnering with Outside the Bowl means to Pastor Luis Miguel in Jalisco, Mexico. He shares, "The greatest impact of our ministry is meeting basic needs in the community and our feeding program accomplishes this. Outside the Bowl works with us in caring about the well-being of others. Through this ministry we are sharing the love of Christ and demonstrating what it means to be a Christian." The feeding program is drawing community members to church. As numbers grow, it is also physically and spiritually growing the children. Before kids grabbed junk food on their way home from school. Now they get a healthy, home-cooked meal while they wait for their parents to return home from work. Their plates are consistently empty! The church is monitoring the health of the children and have seen improvements in both weight and height. Grades are improving. The children seem to have better self-esteem and relationships with one another which indicate they are growing spiritually.

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Outside the Bowl invests in communities where kitchens are located. This is accomplished by being contributing members to the local economy including employing local staff, paying taxes, and sourcing from local farmers and food distributors. Chef David Destinoble, our Haiti country director, lives by the motto "eat local and eat fresh." David desires to develop the market for Haitian farmers and fishermen so he buys local. A self-imposed guideline is that he cooks with an 80/20 rule which means that 80 percent of what is cooked has to be locally sourced. In Haiti, this can prove to be a challenge as access to regional commodities tends to be inconsistent. David shares, "The challenge can be worth it. We keep our menu simple and fresh. It's good for the local economy and the farmers. And the school children gets fresh, well-balanced meals while knowing that most of the ingredients are locally sourced. It is a win-win for all."  

    Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens are making huge impacts on the communities where they are located. See the steps that lead to transformation at

    Thank you for being a part of this team that is changing the future for children, ministries, and local economies. Together, we're feeding the hungry ... body and soul.   

    With JOY, 

    The OTB International Family

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