"We noticed that most of the students were coming to school hungry. Their time at school was
not very productive because they were hungry. ... We were really praying for an answer to provide
a meal a day and be able to afford it. That was when we came across Outside the Bowl." 

 -Randy Lodder
Adoration Christian Center, Haiti


Janet Malawi Kitchen.jpg

Outside the Bowl officially broke ground on our ninth Super Kitchen in December! After many delays, we are excited to share that progress is being made. Janet Kathewera, our Malawi country director, was the first to pick up a sledge hammer and get demo day started! Rather than utilizing our container kitchen model, Janet is remodeling an existing building and from the looks of the architectural renderings, over time Malawi might end up with the fanciest Super Kitchen to date! 

Malawi has been called "The Orphan Nation." Nearly half the population is under the age of 16. Poverty, food insecurity, and HIV/AIDS keep individuals from reaching their full God-given potential. But Malawi is also called "The Warm Heart of Africa" where happiness is not always correlated with health and wealth.

Construction is planned for this month! Join us in praying for Janet and this project to be promptly completed so thousands of hot meals can be produced starting in early 2018. 

See additional pictures and learn more about Malawi at outsidethebowl.org/malawi.   


Malawi (fire) Jan.png

Janet has a contract in hand that states as soon as the OTB Super Kitchen is operating, 1,700 meals will be purchased by Children of the Nations. COTN currently fixes hundreds of meals a day for the children at their ministry center, secondary school, and children's homes. This picture was taken in one of their current kitchens.

Cooking over wood-fed fires is reality for 3 billion people around the world today. That means two out of every five people use wood, charcoal, and other biomass to cook their meals and heat their homes. If you really think about this number, it is shocking especially for those of us who simply turn a knob for gas or electric burners to ignite so we can make our meals. Cooking over a fire is fun while camping but consider what happens when these flames are enclosed in a small kitchen space. More than 4 million people a year prematurely die because of illnesses related to air pollution. According to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, 97 percent of Malawi's population use solid fuel (wood, charcoal, etc.) for cooking.  

Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens provide clean cooking environments which means better health for all our employees. We can't wait to see the shiny pots and pans on rangetops and steam-jacket kettles in a modernized kitchen cooking meals for those who need them most. 


super kitchen (jan).png

Did you know that Outside the Bowl doesn't actually serve meals at our Super Kitchens? A friend recently shared, "It wasn't until we saw the Tijuana kitchen that we realized the feeding doesn't take place at the kitchen. I was expecting row after row of tables like what happens at the Salvation Army."

To many people's surprise, Outside the Bowl isn't a soup kitchen. Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens are industrial, centralized kitchens with the capacity of producing 6,000 meals a day. These dishes are then delivered to more than 300 feeding partners who serve 25, 50, or hundreds of meals a day to those in their care. Feeding partners include churches, preschools, orphanages, community centers, schools, hospitals, and senior centers.

OTB's hot, nutritious meals allow teachers, pastors, and abuelas (grandmas) to do what they do best ... invest time, energy, and love into those receiving food. Preschool teachers in South Africa have shared that they are grateful to partner with Outside the Bowl because it means rather than them prepping meals, they are able to spend that time with the children in their care. As meals are served, hearts become open to hearing the good news of Jesus.

As North Coast Church pastor Jeff Moors says, "Outside the Bowl is building the kingdom one kitchen at a time."

    As we reflected back on 2017, we realized just how much was accomplished through Outside the Bowl last year. It is because of the generosity of our supporters that Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens are providing food for thousands in Mexico, Haiti, South Africa, and soon ... Malawi. These meals are changing futures and eternities. 

    Thank you for being a part of OTB's story!  

    With JOY, 

    The OTB Global Family 


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