"Generous hands are blessed hands because they give bread to the poor."
Proverbs 22:9 MSG


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An overwhelming majority of the world lives off of $2-10 a day. This forces parents to make tough decisions on how they are going to spend their limited income. Do you pay for school fees and uniforms so your children can get ahead or buy farming tools? If you're in need of medical care, do you have to give up something else? What type of shelter are you able to provide for your family? And when it comes to food, what fills hungry bellies? Yet for most of us in America, our "struggle" is typically what's for dinner or where are we going to meet friends for a meal.

THE GLOBAL FOOD EXPERIENCE is a hands-on learning opportunity that will break down the world's population by socioeconomic levels. Each guest will determine their evening as luck of the draw decides what economic level they will representing and what they will eat. Our hope is for the night to open the doors for meaningful conversations and new perspectives.

Registration has been extended until Friday, July 6 at 5:00 pm. 

JULY 9 from 6:00-8:00 pm

This family-focused event is suitable for upper elementary through high school children. Cost is $5 per person and $20 maximum for families. Please register by July 5 for planning purposes. An optional screening of Living on One Dollar will start at 8:00.


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Outside the Bowl Super Kitchens operate as social enterprises. Rather than running off of volunteers, we hire people who need jobs. In places like Haiti where unemployment is at 50 percent, people are grateful for the chance to earn a steady income. The property where the Tijuana Super Kitchen is located also houses a rehabilitation program. Men who are going through the program work in the kitchen and receive culinary training.



JR works with us in South Africa and shares that the job for him, "Is where I can get knowledge about the hospitality industry." A hard work ethic was not modeled for JR. The men in his family ran deep with the gangs in South Africa with drugs landing his father in prison and ultimately leading to his death. At 18 he was kicked out of his mother's house for confronting her about her drug abuse. 

That's when he met our team in Paarl who set him up with a job and started investing in him. His life began changing in a positive direction. At 24, he adopted his four-year old sister who went from being the worst kid in school to winning all the awards. JR shares that working for Outside the Bowl is more than just a job, "It is about building character, qualities, and work ethic." For the other employees, he offers hope that being dealt a bad hand in life doesn't mean you can't change your future. JR and our international team continues to inspire us as they make work about more than just a paycheck.


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Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens mass produce hot, nutritious meals that are then delivered and served by more than 300 partners in the communities where we operate. The heart of an OTB Super Kitchen is the giant pots that can cook up to 1,000 meals an hour. Each 60-gallon pot runs off of electricity and uses steam for heat transfer. Your kitchen stove-top burner only heats the food from the bottom. Each giant pot, officially called kettles, circulate steam between two stainless steel walls (think insulated coffee mug or water bottle). Steam carries about six times the energy of boiling water which means that kettles are extremely efficient at warming up and transferring heat. This translates into reduced energy usage, lower utility costs, and faster cook times. And it only takes one person to operate a giant pot! Anything that can be cooked on a stove can be prepared in a kettle. The Tijuana Super Kitchen has even cooked turkeys! These giant pots are just one aspect of what makes an OTB kitchen pretty super.


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July 21 from 2:00-5:00 pm

Outside the Bowl's Gala features a Wine Pull allowing attendees the chance to take home a bottle of red, white, rosé, or bubbly! Join us for a fun afternoon at Forgotten Barrel where we will be collecting donations from your cellar to be included in this year's Wine Pull.  

Donate a bottle (requested value: $25+) and receive a glass of Forgotten Barrel Wine! 

More details here


Thank you for making an impact in feeding the hungry ... body and soul! 

With JOY, 
The OTB International Family

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Upcoming OTB Events
The Global Food Experience: July 9
Forgotten Barrel Wine Event: July 21
Outside the Bowl Gala: October 12
Tea for a Reason: December 1


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