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The team in South Africa recently relocated the Paarl Super Kitchen and re-opened its doors with a fabulous party and ribbon cutting ceremony! Sharna Fernandez, Minister of Social Development for Western Cape Provincial Parliament, was the guest of honor (pictured on the left). The new location has enough room for the industrial bakery equipment and ... the equipment to process and produce VitaKidz Porridge in our own facility!

Earlier this month, the first bag of VitaKidz Porridge was delivered to Pastor Lester who works in a community that recently lost homes in a fire. This bag of nutritious porridge will help as families get back on their feet. Just this week, two semi-tractor trailers of maize were delivered to the Super Kitchen. This corn will be turned into 32 tons of VitaKidz Porridge, a year's supply of food for a school in Uganda! In 2018, the team in South Africa developed this product as a solution to providing breakfast to many of our ministry partners. One serving of VidaKidz has 70 percent of a child's daily nutritional needs. The powder mix simply needs to be added to water! Many Early Childhood Development centers have added VitaKidz to their daily OTB meal order.

We're so excited to see how this product continues to open doors for even more ministry partners to feed the hungry ... body and soul!


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The mission of Solo con Voluntad is to transform words into deeds and take the initiative to change the realities of those who need it most in Jalisco, Mexico. These 50 volunteers believe that by working together, concrete goals can be met. This group started in 2013 with giving out clothing to those living on the street but they quickly assessed that many, especially the elderly, didn't have access to a daily meal.

No matter what an individual's background is, this team is ready to serve others with a smile. They often prepare and serve around 200 meals a day, breakfast and lunch. Recently, they have been partnering with Outside the Bowl which is helping them to do more with what they have. Earlier this summer, Solo con Voluntad shared, "Outside the Bowl saved the day!" Their food pantry was low and they had no money to buy food. OTB's team brought a bucket full of a hearty, healthy meal for them to share. Thank you to the incredible team behind OTB that makes this meal delivery possible!


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When the outcome of an educational night together is a career change for a six year old, we'll call it a success! The Global Food Experience took place on August 5 where 70 percent of those who attended sat on the floor and ate rice for dinner. This group represented the socio-economic status of the majority of the world. After serving rice to her community, Eloise decided she wants to become a chef for Africa. Before changing the world she is going to change her world. Eloise's school has a rule where they aren't allowed to share food so she is setting up an appointment to talk to her principal to discuss how to assist her classmates that might not have enough to eat. This unique experience helped all those who attended to see how blessed we are to live here in the States while learning how we can bless others with the abundance God has given us.

Thanks to all who attended and participated. We want to give a special thank you to our emcee Marie Osborne and guest speakers Ethan and Jacob Anderson!

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Gala tickets go on sale later this month for the October 11 event! Keep an eye out for your invitation.

We are currently soliciting items to be included in our silent auction. Ideal items include unique experiences, gift certificates, and weekend getaways. Contact Becky for more information.



In July, we enjoyed a week with Jimmy and Courtney Sanon, OTB's ministry facilitators from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Learn more about these two at the Outside the Bowl Gala.

Join us in praying for the Sanons as they reach out to potential new feeding partners in and around PAP.

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Congratulations to Janet Kathewera, OTB's country director in Malawi for the new addition to her family of a baby boy, Rex Bob! Join us in praying specifically for mother and son as they enter into this new phase of life!

Thank you for partnering with Outside the Bowl to feed the hungry ... body and soul! 

With JOY, 
The OTB International Family 

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