"We saw the spiritual need. We cared for the souls but nothing rendered much fruit because of physical hunger. You could hear tummies growl during prayer! We took action and with much faith, believed that God would provide for the physical nourishment of the children. Just when we were struggling to gather the resources to bring food to their stomachs, we heard about Outside the Bowl and knew this was God answering our prayers."
                                                                                            -Pastor Lourdes, Iglesia Los Amigos



    Outside the Bowl's annual Banquet & Auction returns to the beautiful Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa on Friday, October 6! The night includes a silent auction, hosted wine bar, delicious three-course dinner with entertainment, and an inspirational program with Pastor Chris Brown.

    Friday, October 6, 2017


    "We look forward to the OTB Banquet every year! The evening is a reminder of all the work that the Lord has done in the past year while sharing what we can pray for in the coming year. Getting to meet OTB's staff and hearing program updates encourages us to continue to support their good work and makes us feel part of the community." 

    -Mike and Brenda Franz
    OTB supporters and friends



    One of Outside the Bowl's values is to operate in a way that has the greatest social impact.Our Super Kitchens are having a positive impact on ministry partners, communities, and even the environment. One way we do this is through cutting back on food waste by purchasing "uglies."   

    Did you know that one-third of the food grown around the world is never eaten? Causes vary from lack of refrigeration and quick market access post-harvest to produce appearing too "ugly" for consumers to purchase. The 2.9 trillion pounds of food "wasted" each year is enough to feed the 795 billion people who are hungry twice-over.   

    Buying ugly is part of Outside the Bowl's daily operations. The produce is purchased at a discounted price. These savings are passed on to our ministry partners through affordable meal prices. Since these fruits and veggies end up chopped, diced, and cooked into stews, soups, and sauces, the end consumer never knows they are eating uglies.

    Israel Estrada, Mexico's operations director, shed further light regarding social impact with one of OTB's ugly vendors. He shares, "We have one particular vendor that mostly sells us seconds. They go through the seven valleys of Baja California and purchase seconds straight from the packing houses. They then sell it to us! We are not only buying from a distributor that cuts back on wastage but they are also a socially responsible company. The company employees developmentally disabled individuals providing work to people who would otherwise find it very difficult to make a living." 

    Want to learn more about food waste? Check out this article from National Geographic. If you're interested in purchasing "uglies," place an order with Imperfect Produce--a subscription based home delivery program.


      We're wrapping up summer with a bang! Save these dates and join us at the upcoming events: 

      August 14-19: OTB INSTAGIVEAWAY

      Join us on social media for our first INSTAGIVEAWAY! Start following OTB on Instagram now so you don't miss this awesome giveaway of good from some of our corporate sponsors!

      August 17: Third-Thursday Tijuana Kitchen Visit   
      Are you curious to see a Super Kitchen in action? Travel to Tijuana to see Outside the Bowl's operations in full swing.  

      August 25: The Showcase benefiting Outside the Bowl 
      The ladies of the Fuel 9/10 ministry at North Coast Church will be SHOWCASING their talents in an effort to raise $2,500 for Outside the Bowl. Join us in the Edge at North Coast Church from 7:00-9:00. Suggested $5 donation at the door.  

      September 7: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night
      Grab dinner at Chick-fil-A at Quarry Creek and 20% will go to OTB! September is Hunger Action Month. One dollar per cookie sold throughout the entire month will be donated to OTB!

      For more information, please contact Becky Rosaler at   


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