When the Top Chef contestant Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins says, "It smells like abuela's house," you know something is being done right at the Tijuana Super Kitchen.

At an early age, Claudette (pictured far right) could be found underfoot in her Aunt Lorenza's kitchen at her restaurant in Guadalajara. Claudette grew up in San Diego but with family on both sides of the border, authentic Mexican meals taste like home. These dishes and more, will find their way to San Diego as Claudette opens El JardiĀ­n in Liberty Station in early 2018.

Food and family are important to Claudette. As a young mom, she made her dream of becoming a

chef reality to show her now-teenage children that they can do anything they set their minds to. Being a mom, Claudette understands the importance of children receiving healthy, nutritious meals. 

With coffee in hand, we crossed the border to share Outside the Bowl with this experienced chef. Walking through the facility, you could tell Claudette knows her way around the kitchen. She engaged in great conversation with our staff. Ideas began brewing on how we can partner in the future. As we crossed back across the border, she shared words of gratitude for all that Outside the Bowl is doing in getting food to those who need it most.

Join us in cheering on Claudette as she competes in season 15 of Top Chef which begins airing on Thursday, December 7. And tune in throughout 2018 for the opportunity to meet Claudette and maybe have her cook for you! 


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The holidays bring with them memories and family traditions which often focus on food. In Haiti, January 1 celebrates the start of new year and their independence. Throughout the country, you will find Soup Joumou cooking on stove tops. This savory pumpkin and beef soup is a reminder of the nation gaining their freedom from France in 1804. Haiti still stands as the only nation to be founded from a slave uprising.

Prior to the revolution, the recipe was well known amongst the slaves. They fixed it for their masters but it was forbidden for them to eat. As independence was gained, the soup became a symbol of their freedom!

It is a guarantee that Chef David Destinoble, OTB's Haiti country director, will be cooking this dish on January 1. If you're interested in giving it a try, check out the recipe on Epicurious



The Sivulkas are long-time friends of OTB. Dianne serves on the board of directors and as a family, they have visited a number of Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens. This fall, Dianne and Steve hosted a Super Kitchen Supper. Dianne shares their experience below.  

"I love how the Super Kitchen Supper webpage has lots of resources for designing your unique dinner evening including table talk questions, prayer requests, and even videos."

"We invited another family to share a meal with us. We started off with a Mexican craft project to add ambiance to the dinner table. Then everyone had a job to do in the kitchen. Elijah juiced the limes and our friends' girls chopped the tomatoes, onions, and cilantro."

"While the house filled with the aroma of roasted peppers and simmering pork rib, we talked about how thankful we are for the abundance of food we have and the many people who are hungry. We prayed for Outside the Bowl. And then we enjoyed this delicious meal together. It was fun knowing we were eating the same soup that is prepared at our Mexico kitchens."

"As a mom, I want my kids to be aware of the needs of others and be thankful for what they are privileged to have. We are doing our best to raise them to love God and love others. I appreciate the opportunity for a practical and tangible way to bring us together over food and conversation!" 

Visit to learn more and plan to host your own Super Kitchen Supper in the new year.   

    As Christmas approaches, we count you as a blessing. Because of you, Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens are providing food for thousands in Mexico, Haiti, and South Africa. These meals allow ministries to feed the most vulnerable in their communities and as they do, hearts become open to hearing the good news of Jesus.

    With JOY,

    The OTB Global Family


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