And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.
— Matthew 21:22

Prayer is the groundwork for everything we do and vital to our ministry. Thanks always for your prayers and support.


Tijuana, Mexico Kitchen:

  • Pray for Vilma, our kitchen manager, as she oversees the staff and the increase in daily operations due to factory meals. Pray for all who work in the kitchen for safety and good health.

  • Pray for God's timeline provision of funds to keep the kitchens sustainable and running.

  • Pray for safety as we bring people over to visit the kitchen in operation. Pray people will be changed and passionate for OTB through their visit. Our next visit is Dec 6.

Mexicali, Mexico Kitchen:

  • Pray for our kitchen manager Cecy and our operations director Israel as they oversee the kitchen

  • Pray for new ministries to serve and for new meal sponsors.

 Jalisco, Mexico Kitchen:

  • Pray for Jerry our kitchen manager as he oversees operations and fills in many gaps.

  • Pray we will find more partners and meal sponsors in the area and that the community embraces the opportunity our meals provide. Our kitchen is struggling to find partners and needs growth for sustainability.

Mexico Opportunities:

  • Pray for potential kitchen projects for Juarez, Ensenada and Tijuana West.

  • Pray for factory meal programs with each meal supporting a hungry child. Pray this will continue to create interest and carry over to other factory programs in Tijuana.

  • Pray for National government support to be established throughout Mexico to open more opportunities and funding for small ministry partners to increase.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti Kitchen:

  • Pray for David Destinoble, our Haiti director as he looks for opportunities for new partners in new areas.

  • Pray also for our kitchen manager and staff as they oversee daily operations.

  • Pray for safety from theft in bank deposits and transport of meals.

  • Pray God will direct our efforts in the Kitchen on Wheels project.

  • Pray for the safe move of our kitchen equipment and build out to a new location.

George/Paarl, South Africa Kitchen:

  • Pray for our partnership in Paarl with Second Harvest/Cutting Edge. Pray for Mark as he directs and starts new programs.

  • Pray for the Porridge project developed for Creches (preschools) to continue to grow. They are increasing meals each month.

  • Pray for funds through our matching event this month to provide for a new bakery for this kitchen.

  • Pray for the George kitchen staff as they oversee daily operations in George and for the community to embrace the opportunity it gives to them. Pray for the safety of the kitchen.

Malawi, Africa Kitchen

  • Pray for our kitchen project in Malawi. Start up has had many set backs due to partnering with COTN. Operations are now being moved to a new location.

  • Pray for our country director Janet as she meets with people to hire for staff and starts operations of the kitchen. Pray for her efforts to bring in more meal programs so the start up can become sustainable.


  • Pray for Guatemala and working with the Harbourton Foundation. Pray God will direct our efforts to meet the right people, a director for the project and areas to determine the most need for a new kitchen. Pray for possibilities in Guatemala City and connections with Christian Schools with Edify.

In all our kitchens, pray for sustainability and for more community participation. Pray the kitchen staffs will work together as a team and find joy in serving their community.  Pray always that the local ministries we work with will give the gospel in God’s love to the children being fed. Pray God will be glorified in their work and for the power of the Holy Spirit to convict and bring many to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray that God will bring those He has to generously give and participate with us both monthly and one time.

  • Pray God will go before us in our development and event planning for 2019.

  • Praise for our Gala event on Oct 12. Praise for new interest and many return table hosts this year. We had over 350 attend this year!

  • Praise for a matching donor for our NCC Edge event Nov 3,4 and NCC San Marcos 10,11. Pray for our match to be met and a new bakery for Second Harvest funded.

  • Pray for the planning of our Women’s Christmas Tea on Dec 1. Pray for new interest and may return table hosts.

  • Pray for the planning and a committee for our Golf Tournament next year at Madera Golf Club on March 15, 2019.

  • Pray for our Super Kitchen Suppers to begin in homes this fall in Life Groups.

  • Pray for our Kitchen Builder Campaign to continue to grow in 2018.

  • Pray for our efforts to create interest in our Starving2Serve programs in new churches.

Pray God will continue to meet our daily needs and God’s work will increase as He touches hearts in South Africa, Malawi, Haiti, and Mexico. Pray God breaks through language/culture barriers with His Word and Spirit. Pray especially for our team, for physical and spiritual protection. Pray God will be glorified in all our work, words, and ways.

Thanks always for your prayers and support.  If you haven’t received our recent newsletter or would like to support us, sign up on our website at or email us at Our mailing address is P.O. Box 6193, Oceanside, CA 92052-6193.