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Update on the Next Super Kitchen in South Africa

    It may look like a big muddy vacant lot to you but to us it looks like the future in South Africa for Outside the Bowl. With a little imagination you can picture a nice new OTB Super Kitchen sitting here in the months ahead. Of course that is all dependent on a couple of major things.

    First, we need to get the property. We are hoping to partner with another ministry that will donate the property to us or at least give us a long term land use agreement. We could really use all your prayers on this one. We really see this as the perfect spot for the next Super Kitchen in South Africa.

    Second, we need to raise a lot of money. While we have a start on this we are still a long way away from having all we need to proceed with the construction. We plan to build the new kitchen using our container model. The plan is to have this kitchen be a showcase for what we would be able to do in other African countries by packing everything we need in the containers and then shipping it to other parts of Africa where the Lord leads us to serve the poor and the hungry. So as you can see this location will be a key for us to do more throughout South Africa, and in even more countries in the future. It will be the hub of everything we do in Africa so it is extremely important to us.

    Back to South Africa

      It’s official! OTB is actively back in South Africa. We are excited to announce the addition of Marius (Mars) van der Colff as the Country Director for South Africa for Outside the Bowl. Marius brings years of experience in all aspects of non-profit organization operations. He has been running his own non-profit called Cargo of Dreams for the last few years where he has used shipping containers (just one reason we really like this guy) to do preschools that are shipped to various countries around the world. Marius and his family have lived in the U.S. for years but are now ready to return to their home country of South Africa. As a native Afrikaner, Mars will be able to really hit the ground running. Mars will be working to re-establish operational activity with our first Super Kitchen in Paarl, South Africa as well as evaluating the next possible location for a new OTB project. We are planning to initiate a new kitchen in South Africa sometime in 2014.

      A New Baikee for the South Africa Super Kitchen

        Over seven million meals since it opened in 2008. WOW – that is a lot of hot meals going out to the poor and the hungry in the community of Paarl, South Africa. It doesn’t matter who you are that is an impressive number! Every day, and day after day, thousands of hot meals and warm loaves of bread go out to those most in need. It really is a super kitchen. Our prayer is that for those who receive a hot meal to see the face of Jesus in that simple act of kindness. For us it is a basic act of obedience (Mathew 25:31-46). And you all are a part of it!

        But we want to see the kitchen do even more! This Super Kitchen has the capacity to prepare over 10,000 hot meals every day, and is just a little over half of the way toward that goal. One of the big problems that we are having there is getting the meals out to the various feeding programs in the area. Most of those organizations come by the kitchen to pick it up, but for others it is too far to travel or they just don’t have the transportation. This is where you come in – we need a new baikee (that’s Afrikaans for pickup truck) to move more meals to distribution centers in the area. Right now Outside the Bowl is seeking to raise $13,000 for a new truck and we need your help! Just click on the donate button and make a donation today. It can be any amount – from $10 to $13,000. Anything that we receive over what we need for the new baikee will be used to help one of our other Super Kitchens get started and feed even more around the world.