Outside the Bowl builds really big kitchens.

The meals cooked in OTB Super Kitchens are purchased by local ministries with the cost per meal being substantially less than anything else on the market. The convenience and taste of the food are two main reasons ministries partner with OTB.

In special cases, OTB sends funds to partner kitchens to help offset the cost of meals. This summer, OTB is facing a handful of these situations where financial assistance is necessary.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Summer Meals HT.png

2019 has been a tough year for Haiti. The island nation is highly dependent on imports. Instability in Venezuela has had a ripple effect on fuel for the Caribbean causing prices to increase. As fuel costs have risen, the cost of food and other amenities have gone up as well. Inflation has risen 17 percent. OTB has standing contracts with existing ministry partners which have not yet been adjusted to reflect the price increase.

Will you help make up the difference so meals can continue to be served to those who need them most?

Lilongwe, Malawi

Summer Meals MW.png

The fact that the OTB Malawi Super Kitchen is producing hot, nutritious meals, is something to be celebrated. Following numerous set-backs, the kitchen is finally cooking. Previous Super Kitchen builds have proven that once meal production begins, other ministries will come on board. These inaugural partners demonstrate that OTB provides a simple, affordable, and convenient solution to their feeding programs. As more ministry partners source their meals from the Lilongwe Super Kitchen, overall cost per meal will be driven down. These initial ministry partners' meals are subsidized.

Will you help cover the costs of these first meals being cooked in the Lilongwe Super Kitchen?

Help keep OTB cooking by providing funds for meals around the world.

The current average of an OTB meal is $0.47. This includes a main dish, side dish, and delivery! Our goal is to have ministry partners paying something.

Will you help make up the difference?

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Another Way to Give:

Become a KITCHEN BUILDER! KITCHEN BUILDERS are OTB's monthly donors. Choose to give $10, $25, or $50 a month. Your consistent giving allows OTB to strategically plan for the months ahead. Learn more here.