A supporter recently asked, “What is your biggest challenge?”

For most nonprofits, funding naturally comes to mind. But there is another challenge that we are currently tackling.

Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchens are designed so that once a kitchen is built, and is up and running, it should be financially sustainable. At a volume of 2,000 meals a day, the revenue coming in from those meals covers not only food expenses but also operational costs. Every meal sold beyond 2,000 meals becomes the seed money to launch our next Super Kitchen.

Here’s the thing; currently our biggest challenge is ministry partners. In three out of the five kitchens that Outside the Bowl manages, the number of meals being cooked on a daily basis is not enough to cover all the expenses related to those kitchens. This means that Outside the Bowl is subsidizing the costs of these kitchens.

Our obstacle is not product or structure, but networking with local ministries and demonstrating the benefits of buying our meals. Outside the Bowl is taking great measures to increase the number of meals cooked each day in our kitchens by increasing the number of ministry partners we serve.

The following three individuals are part of the solution:

David circle.png

David Destinoble
In Haiti, Outside the Bowl recently hired David Destinoble, chef to Haiti’s previous prime minister. Chef David was born in Haiti yet grew up in the United States. He is well networked throughout Port-au-Prince and runs kitchens efficiently. We met Chef David through World Central Kitchen, a program in Haiti that is providing culinary training with the vision of job creation and essentially getting nutritious food to the hungry. Sound familiar? Chef David is already evaluating ways to more effectively run the kitchen while bringing in new feeding partners.


Rachel McKinney
In South Africa, Rachel McKinney has temporarily been brought on as a consultant to acquire more ministry partners. Rachel spent the past two years working with small-scale farmers and increasing their productivity. Now, she is knocking on doors and learning how the kitchen in George can meet the food needs in the area. And she is doing so armed with fresh bread baked from the Super Kitchen. Having Rachel on the ground is allowing for follow-up conversations with potential partners while increasing the number of feeding partners.

Felipe Gonzalez
Felipe Gonzalez is a natural connector and is known and well liked throughout northern Mexico. He was brought on in February to increase ministry partners. His positive reputation with churches, nonprofits, and government offices in Baja California is allowing for account expansion in Mexicali and Tijuana. Conversations with contacts in Ensenada regarding constructing a new kitchen have already taken place. As an Ensenada native, Felipe’s heart is to see the people of Mexico not only have their physical needs met so they can rise above poverty but also to have their hearts transformed through a relationship with Jesus.


Often the greatest lessons in life are learned through challenges. From day one, the kitchen in Malawi will be contracted to serve 1,700 meals for Children of the Nations (COTN). COTN is what we’re calling a Cornerstone Partner. Part of the equation for building new Outside the Bowl kitchens will be a Cornerstone Partner so that in the future your support will go toward the construction of new Super Kitchens around the world. And as you know, each Super Kitchen is providing hot, nutritious meals to those who need them most.

This summer, you are the solution. During these months, our meal production drops as schools are on summer break. As David, Rachel, and Felipe continue working on solutions to one of our greatest challenges, would you consider donating to keep all of our kitchens and staff operating?

No gift is too small. In fact because of a generous match, your gift will be doubled—upto our first $10,000—to meet these financial needs.

By giving now, hot meals will continue to be delivered to those who need them most in Haiti, Mexico, and South Africa.

With gratitude, 


Chris Brown                     Jae & Debra
Board Chair                      Founders

We know that challenges can’t be overcome without prayer. Please join us in praying daily for our ministry partners—both current and future—so that hungry children can receive hot meals cooked in Outside the Bowl kitchens. Access the summer prayer calendar here.