Haiti is a country full of rich history and a unique culture that has held tight to its African roots. The geography is unexpected with varying climates that range from tropical beaches to mountainous pine forest. The all-to-often political instability has left this Caribbean nation behind in its development which is evident in its lack of infrastructure including roads, water, electrical, and sanitation. As people in rural communities struggle to make ends meet, they often look for better opportunities in the sprawling capital of Port-au-Prince. Estimates state that 2.44 out of the country’s 10.49 million people live in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding neighborhoods and slums.           

    Haiti’s unemployment rate in urban areas is 50 percent with two out of three Haitians living on less than $2 a day. These difficult conditions compound so that 53.4 percent of the population is undernourished and squelch the opportunity for human flourishing including a child stunting rate of 22 percent.        

    Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchens provide a solution to affordable, nutritious meals for ministries and social service organizations within Haiti’s metropolitan areas. 


    The kitchen in Port-au-Prince has been operating since 2014. It has the capacity to produce 4,800 servings per shift. All meals cooked in this kitchen use food purchased from local farmers, suppliers and distributors. We have delivered food to more than 100 different partners throughout Port-au-Prince including schools, orphanages, conferences, and catering.


      Outside the Bowl started working in Haiti in 2010 with the construction of the Port-au-Paix kitchen. Port-au-Paix is located on the northern coast of the country. The Port-au-Paix kitchen has since been handed over to a local ministry.