Pre-Columbian pyramids, delicious cuisine, blue agave, colonial architecture, bold colors, and exotic locales symbolize the festive atmosphere found throughout Mexico. While most of us think of tacos and tourism to places such as Cancun and Cabo, many of our neighbors to the south live in poverty. In fact, by national standards, more than half of the population are lacking in proper nutrition, access to clean water, adequate housing, suitable education, and general social services.

Cities such as Tijuana and Mexicali are diverse cosmopolitan areas. With the hopes of economic opportunity, families migrate toward cities making Tijuana one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico yet creating sprawling areas where squatters live in make-shift houses. Underemployment is estimated to be 25 percent with 86 percent of the workforce finding employment in service and industry. With poverty effecting 52.3 percent of Mexicans, not having enough to eat is robbing half the population of their God-given potential.

Outside the Bowl’s kitchens in Mexico are meeting real needs. Ministry partners are accomplishing more because of the meals cooked in Tijuana, Mexicali, and Jalisco. Children are thriving from having their basic nutrition needs met.


    The Tijuana kitchen has been operating since 2012. It utilizes three containers as part of the building including one 40 foot refrigerator container, one 40 foot dry store container, and one 20 foot modified office container. This Super Kitchen has the capacity to cook 4,800 servings per shift. The food for all meals produced in this kitchen are sourced from local suppliers and distributors. Deliveries are currently made to more than 40 locations throughout Tijuana. The Tijuana kitchen also has a commercial tortilla maker that can produce 2,000 tortillas every hour.


      The Mexicali kitchen began producing meals in 2014. It follows the same blue prints as the Tijuana kitchen utilizing three shipping container. It has the capacity to cook 3,200 servings per shift with future plans to produce 4,800 meals as demand increases. Food for these meals are purchased from local suppliers and distributors. We currently deliver to more than 20 locations throughout Mexicali.


      The Puerto Vallarta kitchen is our most recent build where a warehouse was converted and outfitted to produce up to 3,200 servings per shift.  The doors opened in July 2016 and we’re working to increase ministry partners to reach capacity.