Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchens provide an innovative approach to supplying thousands of hot meals a day – up to 6,000 – to those suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Super Kitchens are constructed from renovated shipping containers that are packed and sent around the world. The containers are later used in the construction of the kitchen becoming the refrigeration unit and dry storage.

What makes our kitchens super? We’re glad you asked.    

  • Super Kitchens are centralized kitchens that cook thousands of meals daily that are distributed to ministry partners who feed the most vulnerable in their communities. We currently partner with more than 300 feeding partners in Haiti, Mexico, and South Africa.  
  • Super Kitchens are innovative. Each kitchen has at least two steam-jacket pots that have the capacity to cook 1,000 meals an hour. To date, more than 15.5 million meals have been prepared in our Super Kitchens.   
  • Super Kitchens are financially sustainable. At a volume of 2,000 meals a day, the revenue coming in from those meals covers not only food expenses but also operational costs. Every meal sold beyond 2,000 meals becomes the seed money to launch our next Super Kitchen.
  • Super Kitchens cook a variety of nutritious meals each month. Getting food to those who are hungry is important. Getting nutritious meals to those who need it most is even more important. Main meals include a ton of vegetables and protein. Sides are often salads, fruits, and vegetables.  
  • Super Kitchens offer an affordable solution to feeding partners’ meal programs. Because we cook in such large quantities, Outside the Bowl sources ingredients at a lower cost. These savings are passed on to our ministry partners saving them between 30-70 percent of what they were spending on feeding. This is what we call our ministry multiplier model.    
  • Super Kitchens invest in the local community. We source food from local farmers, distributors, and markets. Each kitchen employs 8-10 locals offering steady jobs which creates stability for each family employed by Outside the Bowl.
  • Super Kitchens are tools that offers physical nourishment while our ministry partners focus on sharing the good news of Jesus.

Together we are feeding the hungry … body and soul.