Sunny South Africa is how the nation is lovingly referred to because of its long sunny days and blues skies. Since 1994, South Africa has been on a path of reconciliation following years of apartheid. The country is rich in natural resources including gold, diamonds, and platinum and has well developed infrastructure.

    The diverse population is made up of 54 million people of which 36 percent of South Africans live in poverty driven by a 25 percent unemployment rate. Unemployment is concentrated in the country’s townships—the underdeveloped urban areas surrounding the major cities—where nearly 60 percent of the population is without work. The children living within these townships are the most vulnerable to the impacts of poverty.

    As a country, South Africa measures food poverty. About 20 percent of the population fall below this line meaning one-fifth of South Africans cannot purchase enough food to meet their nutritional needs. For the hungry, lack of proper nutrition keeps them from living to their fullest potential.   

    Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchens offer practical solutions to the food poverty problem.


    In 2017, Outside the Bowl returned to cooking hot nutritious meals for feeding partners in Paarl, South Africa through a partnership with 2nd Harvest. Mark Maingard oversees 2nd Harvest and is bringing fresh, new ideas to Outside the Bowl's international team. Mark has developed a porridge that can be mixed with hot or cold water. These meal-packs are super nutritious, full of vitamins, and kid-friendly. They are providing a simple solution to starting the day off right by eating breakfast.

    Hear more of Mark's story as he shares it with Chris Brown at the 2017 Banquet.  


      The George kitchen started operations in August 2016. It is the largest Super Kitchen built to date using one 40’ refrigerator container and one 40’ dry store container which make up two of the exterior walls. Bread is a main staple in the South African diet and so the George kitchen includes a bakery. The ovens have the capabilities of baking 80 loaves an hour. Meals include bread with excess bread being sold for additional income.


      The prototype of Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchen was dreamed up in Paarl, South Africa. The kitchen started serving meals in 2008 to meet the needs in the local township. The Paarl kitchen was handed over to a local ministry.